Crafting full of love.


SJF Books features stories full of love’s complete dynamism, openness, and truth—no matter how common or atypical they may be.

Ten Years of RJC!

The story that started it all! Revisit Jada and Aaron’s journey as they navigate race, class, and family differences to lead a life with a love that could overcome them all.


An August Love Endures

It had only taken a month for Liam Malloy to fall in love with Ebony Devane during the summer before their senior year of high school, but fifteen years for him to do anything about it. Yet when they meet again at the state fair, he doesn’t waste any time letting Ebony know they belong together.



From rekindled love to the kind that happens at first sight, SJF Books has a crafting of love waiting for you!

About Savannah

Since childhood, Savannah has been captured
and enraptured by the power and importance of story.


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