Crafting full of love.


SJF Books features stories full of love’s complete dynamism, openness, and truth—no matter how common or atypical they may be.

Raising the Stakes

Amie and Jaie passed their first real test in the battle for Las Vegas, but the daemons up the ante.

Roll the Dice

Upcoming New Series: CITY OF SIN

Nothing is as it seems. The history you’ve been told isn’t quite true. The real Vegas—the City of Sin— is a world where the the most powerful of the Supernormals actually run the city. The Fractions. Welcome, Normals, to the CITY OF SIN Collection.

Come Play with Us

Hope from Darkness

Brought together by mutual sadness, Cole and Margot forge a friendship where the possibility of love and loss loom on the horizon.

See What Grows


From rekindled love to the kind that happens at first sight, SJF Books has a crafting of love waiting for you!

About Savannah

Since childhood, Savannah has been captured
and enraptured by the power and importance of story.


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