The Fight: City of Sin

As Jaie and Aminata “Amie” Fisher fight an increasingly powerful foe, they also fight a future where a win for humanity means the loss of each other.

Excerpt Chapter 5

Jaie finally looked at her. Her eyes were squeezed shut as if she were in pain. He placed his fingers on her temples. She was a little warm but he didn’t feel any cause for alarm.

“You should drink the concoction Ariella did,” he suggested. “She was able to sleep.”

“That shit’s disgusting.”

Jaie bit his lip to keep from laughing even as he gave her a chastising look. “You probably should not curse here.”

“Probably,” she allowed, but she grinned adorably up at him.

Unable to help himself, he cupped the back of her head and kissed her forehead. “But it will help you sleep, will it not?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. That was specially brewed for Ariella. That’s like taking medicine not prescribed to you.”

He kissed her cheek. “What can I do to help you sleep?”

“Quiet my mind,” she whispered. “It’s way too loud.”

“Hmm,” Jaie intoned, then he picked her up. She sighed and snuggled into his chest, raising her lips to graze them against his jaw.

“Hold on to me,” he whispered, then they were airborne. He traveled a route they’d taken before, during their very first meeting. Aminata roused as the sea-salt air tickled her nose. The smile that crept upon her face inspired his own.

“Yes,” Aminata said, nuzzling his ear. “Yes.”

He landed gently in the water, barely disturbing it. Whatever tension that had been in her body ebbed away almost instantly, making her grow limp in his arms. Her silk robe clung to her body, bringing her abundant curves and scars in stark relief against the fabric. As she floated in the water, Jaie allowed his hands to glide over her atop the wet garment. Her body arched into his touch, trembling.

“Are you cold?” he asked, keeping his voice a low rumble.

She trembled more and sighed. “No. How can I be when you hold me?”

Jaie had to kiss her, had to have her sweetness on his lips and tongue. The first press of his mouth to hers was chaste, at most a graze, and Aminata sighed again as if the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. He cupped her dear face carefully, mindful of the lesions there, and sipped from her lips as if they were a cup of amreeta.

They were not, for his djinni was far sweeter. But she gave him renewed life all the same.

“Aminata,” he whispered, now smoothing his hand along bare skin unencumbered by the robe. Her inner calf and thigh weren’t smooth, a tale of how hard she’d been working for his benefit. He would kiss them all away eventually, but not now. Now, he had other priorities to fulfill.

“May I touch you?” Jaie asked. He continued to stroke her legs, but his sweeps were becoming broader. His pinky could feel the rising heat and moisture between her legs and he wanted to explore the place desperately. He didn’t look up into the sky, convinced he’d spot Alemayehu’s many-eyed disapproval. Jaie refused to care about that, however. His djinni needed soothing and he’d do whatever was within his power to offer it to her.

“Please,” Aminata begged, going so far as to untie her sodden robe and reveal herself to him. “I like when you touch me.”

He wanted to go full days where that was all he did: touch her everywhere with his hands, his mouth.

Author Savannah J. Frierson
Published September 2017
Publisher Self-Published
Story Length
Universe City of Sin

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