Reconstructing Jada Channing

An Ames woman in love is a precarious place to be, but that didn’t stop working-class Jada Channing from falling for the wealthy and gorgeous Aaron McKensie. After one night’s passion resulted in pregnancy, they’d talked about becoming a family. However, Aaron’s father derailed those plans. Now three years and a payoff later, the former lovers reunite at an Atlanta Christmas bash; but the party isn’t merry for either one.

Excerpt Chapter 13

“By the way, if this is your Christmas present, you hit it out of the park.”

Jada’s comment was so unexpected that a powerful burst of laughter left Aaron, and he absorbed her resulting giggles into his heart.

“A hug is enough?” Aaron asked, smoothing a hand along her back.

“You give great hugs. One of the things I’ve missed most about you, actually.”

“You can get them whenever you like now,” Aaron promised, squeezing her for good measure.

“What else can I get?”

She asked it playfully, yet with a hint of impishness that made his back straighten and his dick twitch. He groaned softly, especially when she pressed her soft body against his hard one, and he eased back so he could look into her face. She tried to go for wide-eyed innocence, but he saw the mischief crackling in her gaze. Aaron wouldn’t be fooled. Jada possessed a naughty streak that had gotten him into trouble when she’d first brought it to the fore. He’d had no idea the sweet, Southern girl could get bawdy and provocative when she wanted, testing the borders to see how far she could go before reaching the point of no return.

But, he was game if she was.

“What else would you like?” Aaron asked, sliding his fingers through hers.

Jada looked off to the side, her bottom lip adorably between her teeth, and clasped her fingers around his. “Sugar, chocolate, and vanilla extract.”

“I think I can get you some of that,” Aaron murmured, becoming woozy as she drew closer to him, eddies of pleasure already taking over him.

“Good. Sugar first.”

He’d forgotten a Southern term for a kiss was sugar, but Jada’s lips upon his gave him a glorious reminder. Unable to help himself, he gathered her to him and opened her mouth with his tongue, wanting all of her sugar for himself.

He had one hell of a sweet tooth when it came to Jada Mae Channing.

Author Savannah J. Frierson
Published March 2015, Rerelease
Publisher Self-Published
Story Length
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